Waiting Time in Doctor’s Offices Should Change

I brought my 3 year old who is running with a fever to the pedia this morning and I was told the wait was 3 hours at the least!?!  OMG!  Hindi kaya lalo magkasakit anak ko nyan?

Can't we come up with a better system for this?  True, it has been like this for decades but we can change.  In the US,  doctor's consultation is by appointment.  Maybe we can run on a similar system?

Time is very much of essence for everyone, patients included.  Plus, waiting in the hospital for hours is not healthy for someone sick or otherwise because exposure to germs and virus run higher.

Doctors would probably argue that Filipinos are known to not keep appointments well, myself included, but maybe if we exact a higher bar for ourselves we can probably make it.  If you have an appointment and you are not there on time,  you get booted out to the end of the list.  You just have to wait.  Patients can be asked to come at least 30 minutes in advance so doctor will always have patients in the clinic because of the 30 minutes overlap.   In cases where the doctor has a medical emergency, the secretary can give the patient a text of the change in schedule.

Hopefully, the secretaries of the doctors would be able to manage that.  Through this simple change,  doctors would be doing their patients better service.

How about you?  What is your waiting time at the doctor's office?  Do you think change is necessary?

Change is Good!



  1. The longest I had to wait was around 5 hours! 2 hours waiting time to verify your HMO and another almost 3 hours to wait for our turn sa doctor. My son had a fever and cough that time. Umuwi na kami tapos pagbalik namin nag antay padin kami… kawawa ang mga bata talaga.

    • Hi Reza! Grabe ano! They should come up with a better system to attend to patients. I think the HMO’s should have online requests site were members can just type their own doctor’s appointment tapos pag dating sa HMO office they just gun the bar code to activate it. As you said, kawawa talaga mga bata. Parang hindi nila na re-realize yon:(

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