Bali Ready

I have been meaning to go on my second round of cabbage soup since that successful week sometime Nov 2011 only to cave in on every attempt at yikes! day 1!   Now,  I have a propelling reason to do it again.  I'm going to Bali with my high school friends this weekend. All the diet alert signs are on full blast!

The soup has been in the ref for more than a month but every so often a dinner, lunch or merienda always comes up.

Last week,  I attempted twice but I only reach half a day and by afternoon, half way through the one hour wait in my son's swim class, I reach out for some chips!  My kids kid me that I won't last a day without eating.  They know my voracious appetite.  And I gamely serenaded the food before me with "I won't last a day without you..." with all sincerity.

This week I attempted yet again.  Monday Day 1 was a failure.  My daughter had a half eaten crave burger that is a shame to throw away.

Tuesday. Day 1 again.   I made it with a tiny bowl of cabbage soup plus lots of melon and watermelon.  Wednesday. Day 2.  Almost but an aunt from the province visited and we ate a hearty snack of dim sum and birthday noodles at Gloria Maris. Thursday. Day 3. I didn't dare go back to Day 1 and stuck with day 3 menu.  I was ok and I was able to stick to entirely vegetable and fruit diet less the cabbage soup.  I want to vomit already at the sight of it.

Friday. Day 4.  I weighed and was down 3 pounds from 120.  I can do it.  Banana and skim milk, not. By dinner I was munching on fish and veggies.  Saturday. Day 5.  Happy day.  I almost ate a full slab of ribs and oh my was it yummy.  Sunday.  Day 6.  I leave for Bali.

Not Bali body but Bali ready.

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