Battle with Post-Pregnancy Bulge

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Today is my first day back in the gym. It’s been exactly 12 months since I hit the gym and my enthusiasm is as good as a January 1 new years resolution!

Getting into my old sports bra was already an exercise in itself and I look horrendous on the gym mirror but I was beaming with pride. I was so gung ho I did a hip hop and a weights class! I may look like a 1 pound burger squeezed into a mini pattie but I just gave birth via CS (March 1) and the countdown just started!

Before all the pregnancy pounds kept piling in I was a limber 100 pounder. When I gave birth to my first kid I settled at 110, 2nd kid 118 and now 3 months after giving birth I am a hefty 133 momma in a 5 foot frame!

The task at hand looks daunting as I attempt to lose 15 pounds in a year considering my 6 foot male appetite. But that is what is great about beginnings – they hold the golden ray of hope that it just might work!

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