Cut the To-Do List and Reduce Mommy Stress

John-Newton-QuoteAs I mentioned in my Hello post last week,  I am changing course mid-year, downscaling grand goals for little pockets of peace in my everyday life. I realize that at this point, nothing brings me more joy than finding peace, in one’s home, in one’s relationships, in one’s life and in one’s self.

Which brings me back to a post I did a year ago about Finding Balance.

I had to remind myself that I can’t do everything but I did something. Something I chose to do that day. Whether it be to do office work, tutor my kids, write, hang out with friends or family, tidy up – it is something I chose to do that day. And it doesn’t diminish me as a person if I didn’t do any of the other gazillion things to do that day. Of course there are tasks that cannot be not done for the day like planning the meals of the family lest we die! or if it is salary time, work on the payroll, I do that. I cover that. But for all other to-do’s, if I wasn’t able to write today, it’s ok. If I wasn’t able to go to the office and instead I called and relayed my message through phone, it’s ok. If I wasn’t able to watch my child play soccer for today, it’s ok.

I think most of the stresses we have in our lives are brought upon not by our kids, the traffic, our spouse, the faucet that needs to be repaired but by our highfalutin expectations of ourselves and of the people around us.  It is not to say that we become irresponsible people and throw away all our responsibilities and obligations. But rather acknowledging that these responsibilities and obligations exist and we are going to handle them at the pace we choose.  Ironically, as I learned to make choices and started finding peace in that choice, I realized I am not doing any less. I am still doing all the things I need to do and all the things I want to do without the guilt and the stress, and that my friends, brings me joy.

Live, Love, Laugh!

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