Married Couples and Valentine’s Day: Should we even celebrate it?

Valentine'sBack in my single days, Valentine’s would have my stomach in knots in anticipation of what my then-boyfriend-now-husband has prepared for the day. Which restaurant would he take me to? Do I get tulips or roses? Now, married with 3 kids, Valentine’s is just another regular day save for the man on the street selling those heart shaped balloons and restaurants offering dinner set menus.

Frankly, after the birth of my kids, I haven’t been a great fan of Valentine’s. I mutter about the commercialism and horrible, horrible traffic it brings. My husband and I both agree it’s absurd that we will squeeze in with the crowd and get jacked-up set menus in restaurants. So I shrug it off and won’t mind a bit if my husband treats it as just one regular day, just as I would.

Something tripped in my middle-aged brain though and I turned really melancholy with the absence of the attention I previously wouldn’t have minded. I suddenly ached for a dinner or a flower. I realized, “wait a minute!” There are 365 days in a year and there ain’t much days there where we celebrate being a couple. Sure, it’s commercial but hey it’s official. It’s in the calendar! It’s giving us, busy moms and busy dads, the reminder to take the night off, be romantic, hold hands and be cheesy for a day.  Skeptics would say, but everyday should be love day. Come on, is it really?

So as to the question, should married couples even have time for Valentine’s?   I say, so what if it’s traffic and the prices are crazy, it’s time to get out of our usual mommy-daddy role and be the love struck couple we once were. Happy Valentine’s!


P.S. Hehe still traffic averse, so for Valentine’s 2016, my husband and I decided to go out on a February 11. Close. But hey, that’s a start. Wishing you all had a cheesy, gooey Valentine’s. And if you didn’t, you can still do a post one.


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