My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

Sorry couldn't help but snicker at the title because a sexy me is like a wild vision! Eternally aspired for but so dang hard to get!

But as they say,  most resolutions fail because of lack of accountability.   We resolve to lose that last 10 pounds but we only say it to ourselves and it falls into oblivion as we are faced with the crispiest of Crispy Pata!  But if we make a bet with a friend,  announce it to the world,  which I am doing now, I am accountable to my friend or the world for this matter!  Most likely,  the shame factor, which is quite a strong motivator, will push me to the revolution I so desire.

My battle against the bulge is never-ending!  I exercise quite regularly, yet my weight fluctuates like the Stock Exchange.  Minus a few pounds and eventually correcting itself back to its starting position.  At the end of the day,  my weight remains a horrific 120 on a 5 foot frame!  Well of course I just gave birth a year ago, hehe.  And I say it every chance I get to - from friends I just bumped into, to the sales lady who I'm asking for a larger size.   I have even made a shirt done that reads, "I'm not pregnant, I just gave birth." (I had to announce it in the gym!) Of course pretty soon if my weight still does not drop it would just have to read "I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat!'.

See I'm naturally gifted with a pot belly.  Even when I was young, it has naturally been more rounder than the other parts of my body.  In fact the last time I wore a bikini was probably when I was 10.  Oh yeah my friends were able to coax me once to wear a bikini in Boracay - when it was still inhabited by people swimming in t-shirt instead of bikinis.  They took pictures and I told them it would be the end of our friendship if it comes out, and I was dead serious.

Back to my eternal battle with the bulge, I exercise 3 times a week.  That includes an average 15 km run plus one weights session.  Sipag di ba?  But that is just maybe 2000 calories burnt.  Uh, equivalent to one  or two pig out meals!!! And so I confirm what I already knew.  Unfortunately,  and to my great sorrow,  dieting is imperative to a successful weight loss.

The task at hand looks daunting as I attempt to lose the last 10 stubborn pounds considering my 6 foot male appetite. But that is what is great about beginnings – they hold the golden ray of hope that this time, it just might work!

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