Outbreak Manila, BGC Jul 2012: Horrifying Fun Event!

Zombie Mania! It's more fun in the Philippines!

Death is freedom.  I never thought I would utter these words in my lifetime.  But I did say it when the ghoulish zombies grabbed my last life flag in the Outbreak Manila last weekend.  Yes,  sadly,  I did not survive.

My wave started at 6:20pm and the air of dread mixed with excitement was so powerful everyone was shrieking as we waited for our turn to be horrified.  Talk about Pinoy's love for gore and horror!

The wave intervals of about 50 participants per wave provided for a safer run since it can get pretty rough as people run for their lives and there is some tendency to push each other especially at the start of the race.  The people thin down after a few meters with some outpacing others.

Unlike ordinary runs you have to occasionally sprint in order to dodge zombies.  I am used to pace run so this was pretty new for me.  But I managed to outrun a good number of zombies.  I lost my life towards the 4km mark when a gang of zombies ran after me and I was screaming hysterically and half peed in my undies because of fear and excitement!

Run Forrest, Run!

The zombies are scattered around the 5km track and it's like playing "patintero" (sorry don't know Enghlish translation) and "habulan" / Tag with them.  The obstacle courses were so cool and freaky!  I have pictures but purposely didn't post it so it won't spoil your next run if you intend to join:-)  There were water stations well situated all over the track and there were marshals to ensure safety for everyone.  The zombies were well behaved, I mean no groping, touching or whatsoever.  They just run after you to get your life flag period. Most injuries are caused during dodges especially when runners run up the gutter (which is quite high).

Overall it was a cool, well thought of, well managed and Fun, Fun event!

Till the next outbreak!

What Zombie run will it be without the Thriller! Mwahahahaha...




  1. nice! mukhang enjoy naman ang event. sayang i was not able to join. 🙁

    • Hi running enthusiast rainer! Sayang you missed it. Never mind, for sure there will be more events in the future kasi mega successful! See you around. Maybe we can organize a bloggers wave haha!

  2. Hello fellow survivor, I am from wave9 🙂
    Sharing my experience during the run : http://www.gelaikuting.com/2012/07/30/outbreak-manila-2012-i-came-i-ran-i-survived/

  3. Looking forward for another scare in future outbreaks.

  4. Hope we gave you the scare of your life. I was one of the zombies and here’s a zombie point of view of the events (http://francramon.com/?p=4013) and feel free to drop by my site to share a survivor’s or not so much of a survivor account of the Outbreak BGC. Thanks.

    • Hi Franc! Good zombie account! Nice to hear the tales from the dark side … hehe! Bravo zombies for a job well done! I half peed in my pants! Now, that’s testament to your prowess guys! Mabuhay este Mamatay! Till the next Outbreak!

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