Palarujuan: One Playground at a Time

Palarujuan playgroundKids need a lot of play and though they can turn any place into a playground,  a real one could set the stage for even grander magical encounters.

Unfortunately,  there are just a few public playgrounds available for our children here in the Philippines.

Thankfully, Play Pilipinas and Johnson & Johnson Philippines, in partnership with the Department of Education is committed to providing children in less privileged areas new playgrounds.  Aptly called, "Palarujuan,"  the playground makes use of repurposed materials that are designed to allow children to learn different skills and values.

They have a motor skills area with a caterpillar and a sand pit making use of colorful painted tires. I was not able to visit the playground at the relocated community in Montalban Rizal,  but Manila Times described it to also have monkey bars and slides made out of scrap metal.  Galing!

Palarujuan playground

According to Sigrid Perez of Play Pilipinas (an NGO), “The reason we used low-cost sustainable materials is because we want to empower the community to take care of the playground, and know the techniques in how to make it safe for the children.”

Palarujuan playground

Giving back one playground at a time, what a wonderful advocacy.  Mabuhay kayo Play Pilipinas and Johnson & Johnson Philippines and the Department of Education!  May there be more to come!

Happily Reporting Wonderful Advocacies,

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