Para Kanino ka Bumabangon?

mount pinatubo crater

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned above 30, again:-)  And as I was closing the day I thanked the Lord for the past years He showered me with happiness and abundant blessings. He has been very, very generous to me and my family.

Ironic,  that as I was about to sleep the thought "Para Kanino ka Bumabangon?" (For whom do you wake up for? - somehow,  it didn't sound nice in English) - a slogan popularized by Nescafe crossed my mind.

Para kanino nga ba?  (For whom?)

I wake up for my kids.  My kids who give me joy and test my patience.

I wake up for my husband, who gives me joy and whose patience I test:-)

I wake up for TheGoMom who fuels my passion.

I wake up for my parents, brothers and relatives who are funny and weird, like me:-)

I wake up for the gym to energize me.

I wake up for my friends who are cheerful and neurotic, like me:-)

I wake up for all the citizens of the world who sometimes amazes me and sometimes crushes my hope.

I wake up for Mother Nature who refreshes me.

Lastly,  I wake up for God,  who has constantly been giving me days I look forward to waking up for.

Ang sarap bumangon!

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