Red Carpet of EDSA

red sidewalk of edsaHi!  Did you guys notice the pinkish-red paint they are painting over EDSA sidewalks?  My daughter comically calls it the red carpet of EDSA.

I tried researching why in the world they are painting the sidewalks, and red for that matter, but there is no write-up on it.  I hope they have a scientific explanation, otherwise it is just an excessive waste of people's money.  It did not beautify plus I don't know how they would maintain it.  I think our MMDA czars should also have a team of landscape designers, with good taste, to advise them.  Years back they painted the bridges dark pink with dark baby blue, now sidewalks in pinkish-red???

Pink and Blue MMDA Bridges courtesy of Wikipedia

Pink and Blue MMDA Bridges courtesy of Wikipedia

Nagmamahal sa Bansang Pilipinas,

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