Rita of The Pumpkin Store: Sewing your Fantasies to Reality

rita - cover"Everything just fell into place!"  That is what Rita has to say of her newly created costume store, The Pumpkin Store.  The Pumpkin Store is barely a year old but its creation has managed to land the front cover of Smart Parenting's October 2014 issue!

Rita and I date way back!  She is my schoolmate in high school and my housemate and gimmick mate in college.

Her fairy tale story of how The Pumpkin Store evolved here ...   

How did Pumpkin Store start?

It started February of this year (2014) when my daughter wanted to be Elsa (of the Frozen fame) in their school talent show.  I can't find any Elsa costume,  so I decided to create one with the help of my regular seamstress.  Friends who saw the costume asked if they can have one made and that is how it all started, from word of mouth and of course FB.

Elsa inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Elsa inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Why did you choose to name it Pumpkin Store?

My husband helped me coin the name.  He thought a pumpkin aside from sounding cute and representing Halloween, the occasion most associated with costumes, it also represents the pumpkin in Cinderella.  The Pumpkin Store can transform you into whatever character you can dream of.  The Pumpkin Store is not only for Halloween but also for themed birthdays, school plays or just pretend play of the kids.  I have made some dresses for adults too.

Cinderella inspired costume by  The Pumpkin Store

Cinderella inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

What makes Pumpkin Store costumes different?

I want to make sure both mom and their child are happy whenever they open a package coming from The Pumpkin Store. Every product goes through research and hard work.  We take pride in every product that we produce. as I see through all the details of each costume made, from quality of material used (to make sure it will achieve desired effect) comfort it brings especially to young kids (not itchy, not hot, not too tight or loose) to the little details of embroidery and beading.

Kristoff inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Kristoff inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Luke Skywalker inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Luke Skywalker inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Star Wars Storm Trooper inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Star Wars Storm Trooper inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Anna inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

Anna inspired costume by The Pumpkin Store

What are the challenges you encountered in Pumpkin Store and how do you overcome it?

None so far. But if we do - our attitude should be positive when challenges are encountered as these are opportunities to improve.

The Pumpkin Store has been featured in Smart Parenting's October 2014 issue,  tell us more about it.

I received a call from Smart Parenting and asked me to do the front cover for their October issue. I had to pinch myself to remind me this is not a dream.

Smart Parenting October 2014 issue

Tell us more about Rita.

I used to be a Marketing Manager at Lucerne but the demands of frequent travels and late nights at work was taking its toll on me. I decided to resign 2012 when I got pregnant with my third child and became a full time homemaker.  The first few months were hard for me because I wasn't used to being home all the time.  The Pumpkin Store is heaven sent because I get the best of both worlds as a Work-at-Home-Mom.

How do you manage your time between work and kids?  What is your daily routine?

I wake up at 430 am, do my oil pull and read the Bible. At 5:15am I help the kids get  ready for school and send them off at 6am.  I then spend time with my youngest, have breakfast with him and catch some snooze if possible.  I attend to my emails and Viber orders at 8am and go down to check on my seamstress at around 9am.  I'm in between The Pumpkin Store and my youngest from 12noon -4pm since my shop is just at my ground floor.  Kids come in at around 4pm and we have an early dinner at 5pm.  I'm theirs 5pm up.

Can you share with us your beauty and fitness/health regimen?

I go to the dermatologist for facials whenever I have the time.  For my health regimen,  I do oil pulling.  I swish 1 tbsp VCO (virgin coconut oil) in the morning for about 20 minutes.  It helps strengthen my immune system, removes toxins from my body and my husband said my skin also improved.  I got my VCO  at Gina Lopez's G stuff at Rockwell and it comes in different flavors like lemongrass and peppermint.

TheGoMom believes that every parent is funny-crazy, hehe, we have to be:-)  Can you share funny-crazy stuff you do with the kids?

I turn into different persons when I'm with my kids.  With my youngest, I'm like a mascot making these weird faces and funny intonations.  With my eldest, I'm the soccer mom cheering him on in his games.  And with my little girl,  I turn into a princess just like her.

TheGoMom and ThePumpkin Store

TheGoMom and ThePumpkin Store

Follow ThePumpkinStore on Facebook or on Instagram.  Kindly text 0998-998-0408 for orders.  Or catch Smart Parenting's October 2014 issue for more costume ideas.

Let The Pumpkin Store transform you ...


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