Satisfaction in a Task that’s Done!

I totally relate to this!  I know it is weird because it takes up more time.  I mean why write down a task after it's done, right?  It's simply my tiny pat in the back.  It's alright Lilian, you can't do everything but you did something:-)

Write and Tick,




  1. Oh my.. I’m not alone! LOL. I keep doing my to-do lists because it’s so satisfying when I see all my tasks are done. 🙂 My husband thinks I’m crazy!

  2. napangiti ako and can’t help not to comment kasi…i do that too! 😀 btw, thanks for the worksheets <3

    • Hi Bette! LOL I think every mom does that to keep our sanity! hahaha! Btw, love your website. Ang galing mo sa arts and crafts. Do you post your crafts in Pinterest? I love how you transformed your plain green shirt. Galing! Guys, if you are interested in crafts, here is a practical guide from a Pinay mom — Good luck in your blog, Bette!

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