10 Fuss Free, Budget Friendly and Fun Kiddie Party Ideas

Image from www.jkkang.com

Image from www.jkkang.com

My kids and I always look forward to their birthday parties.  Now that they are bigger they help me think of ways to come up with budget friendly, stress free and yet ultra fun party ideas.  Over the years we have come up with several and I am sharing them with you.

1.   Play Group Party Centering on your Child's Favorite Toy

My son lives and breathes Nerf. For the past 2 years I book a basketball court and host a Nerf party there for all his friends.

Or if your son is into Bey Blade, you can buy several stadiums (I was able to buy one for P50) and stage a mock competition for everyone.

If he is into remote control cars, ask all his invited friends to bring their rc's and they can race it off in the basketball court.

For girls, you can ask her friends to bring several sets of clothes and tell them to do a mock fashion show. Or if she is into art, you can provide different art materials for her and her friends to work on.

2.   Swimming Party

No need for additional entertainment as the water IS the entertainment.  All you have to do is just book the swimming venue, ensure a life guard is available and bring or order some snacks.

Kids Swimming

If a swimming pool is not available and your kids are still young,  you can consider setting up your inflatable pool in your garden.

3.   Basketball / Soccer Party

If your kid is into sports like basketball or soccer, you can reserve your village court and they can have fun playing.  You can prepare some food but since some venues don't allow eating at the court or field,  you can head to the nearest fast food chain for their food after a good basketball/football session.

4.   Bowling Party

Not everyone is into bowling but it's a game everyone loves to play with once in awhile.  You can rent two lanes and order some snacks as they play along.

5.   Movie Party

There is something exciting with watching a movie with friends.  Blame it on the dark movie house and the huge bucket of popcorn.  You can invite select friends to watch the movie with your kid, treat them to movie snacks and maybe a fast food meal after.

Movie with Kids

If a movie is still quite steep on the budget,  you can try doing it at home, close to night time, maybe 6ish to create the dark mood, throw in some cushion pillows or beanbags and bring in their favorite snacks. .

6.   Arcade Party

The kids can meet up in the arcade, like Time Zone or Power Station, and you can supply each kid with say, P300 worth of games.  A fast food meal can follow after.

7.   Nail Spa

If your daughter is into girly stuff already,  you can arrange for her and her friends to have an afternoon at a nail spa.  Or book one of those home service nail spas so you could do it at the comfort of your home.

8.   Party in School

For pre-schoolers,  doing it in school is a party that is so easy to execute.  The venue is there and  the guests are the eager classmates:-)  Just bring in nicely prepared snacks, a couple of balloons, lootbags and you're good to go.

9.   Slumber Party

For tweens,  a slumber party is just sooo exciting and liberating.  Just invite a couple of friends,  prepare some food and have a stock of popular board games or the latest teeny bopper DVD’s for girls or the latest adventure/action movie for boys and you are set.

10.   Fast Food Party

Last and my favorite is a party at my kids' favorite fast food chain.

Jollibee Kiddie Party

It's Fuss Free! All I have to do is book the venue, choose a food package and appear on party date.

It's Budget Friendly! I don't have to pay exorbitant venue fees (at least P20,000 now for a good venue alone) plus catering costs (usually minimum of P15,000 at 50 guests).

It's Fun!  Kids love the food, they are familiar and comfortable with the venue and the entertainment provided by the host is fun and always up to date. A twist of your favorite noontime variety game show is sure to appear accompanied by the latest music!

Jollibee, do I need to even introduce it?  Jollibee, a fast food kids and adults can't get enough of, made fast food parties even easier.  When they told me they made fast food parties easier I couldn't think how they could make it any easier.  And they did!  They went online!  Now,  you don't have to go to the venue to book and pay,  everything is done online.  You can readily check the venue of your choice and it will tell you if it is still available or not at your preferred time slot.  Aliw!

Planning a party for your little one?  Choose from any of these ideas or go online at www.jollibeeparty.com

Would love to hear your suggestions for fuss free, budget friendly and fun party ideas:-)  Hope to hear from you!


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