Back to School 2014: Pasukan Na!

back to schoolOMG!  Back to school na naman!  My kids are screaming like the Apocalypse is coming whenever I remind them that school starts next week.

Bakit kaya ganon?  No matter how long summer was, it never seems to be enough.

My kids are bargaining like crazy for huling hirit as I try to bring in some routine back to our household.

Grabehhh!  They wake up at 9am or if we had a late night a horrific 11 or 12noon!  Afraid! Ano na lang mangyayari on the first day of school when they have to wake up at 6am?!?

First order was that they sleep in their bedrooms instead of the master's bedroom.

Second order was no gadgets after dinner instead of until 9pm.

Third order is to enjoy the rest of the summer with day time play dates.

School is coming and those carefree, happy days are ending.  O di ba, Apocalyptic nga naman ang dating?:-)

Enjoying What is Left of the Summer,

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