Challenging Task – First Leg Please

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Today is the last day of exams and the subject is math.  Now I fully understand why a difficult subject or task, for that matter, should be done first.  My son was dead tired Thursday from the constant studying since Monday! Everyday he comes home with chapters to read and a ton of worksheets to answer. So come Thursday, the day before math exam, he was half-heartedly answering the circuitous word problems and would slip in and out of his catatonic state that pulls me in different directions.  Push, push nah he is dead tired.  That was my monologue.  And because I was tired too, I just let everything slide.

The other thing is that the subject looms on you.  It is always there, inside your head that the most difficult, ok wrong word – challenging, of all is yet to come.  Juxtapose it to a math test on a Monday.  He can prepare and suck the juice out of his brains on a weekend. Do his math on a Monday and completely forgets about it already!  I wish our school would move Math test back on the first day.  It has been a toxic week – massage please!

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