Change from Within: Youth Empowerment Camp for Kids

There is a buzz among parents about "Ignite the Fire."  It is a Youth Empowerment Program that is geared towards igniting the fire in our kids.

I believe that all of our kids have that fire in them.  They have that innate talent to shine and become the best that they can be.  However,  sometimes they just don't feel the need to shine.  Or they feel it's too much work.  Or they lose focus.  As parents,  we provide constant reminders to them and even provide them with all the external help we can from tutors, enrichment programs to grand rewards.  But we cannot always be there to provide extrinsic motivation for them.  In the end,  the good change they want must be stemming from their desire to be the best that they can be.  No amount of external motivation can outweigh the fuel from within.

Ignite the Fire 2015 by WorldStage Superstar

It is with this thought that I have taken interest to enroll my kids in the "Ignite the Fire" camp this April 21-25, 2015.  It is not because I believe they are bad and need to change.  It is because I believe that there is so much good in them and they can shine.  This is the first time I am enrolling my kids but the camp has been fanning the fire in Asia, particularly in Singapore, for several years and now it has come to the Philippines.

Of course, since we are chucking quite a sum of money for the camp I am very curious to find out more about it.  Tonight,  Cherry Pua, the lead mentor of the program with a long list of credentials in Neuro Linguistic Programming is going to hold a parent talk at Fully Booked tonight for a handful of parents who are considering the program.  I'll find out more and fill you guys in.  Meantime, please feel free to throw in your comments and questions so I can ask for you guys.  Or visit their website at

Let's Fan the Flame in our Kids,

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