Cool Down, Be Silly and Have Fun with Choco na Gatas na may Ice

kids playing with water

Ang iniiiit!  It's sweltering hot everywhere in Pinas right now,  and no matter how many kids pray every night to God to make the whole Philippines air-conditioned it will never happen in their lifetime.

To beat off the scorching heat, my kids and I employ different techniques to beat the summer heat.  Aircon galore, fan on full blast, hair cut, kids bathing in the inflatable pool for eternity, swimming lesson here, beach there and in those unguarded moments in the kitchen, standing just a tad too long in the open refrigerator door!

Tunay nga na kay init sa Pilipinas!

Another way to break the summer heat is with an ice-cold drink.

Bear Brand Choco Cold

BEAR BRAND sent me a pack of their BEAR BRAND CHOCO with shaker and my kids were instantly treated with glacial chill!  My daughter just loaded the shaker with 4 tablespoons of BEAR BRAND CHOCO , water and lots of ice and tadan! Choco na Gatas na may Ice!  An ice-cold chocolate planned drink!  I didn't really think a chocolate drink can stamp the heat down but it did.

Bear Brand Choco

My kids were delighted to discover BEAR BRAND CHOCO as a delicious Ice Cold drink.  Mmmm, it's good mom!

Heighten the BEAR BRAND CHOCO  with Ice experience by letting your kids watch the happy-summer fun video "Choco na gatas na choco na may ice, gatas na choco na gatas na may ice."   The tune is very catchy (catchy talaga na la-last song syndrome ako), and is fun to dance along while you are shaking the ice cold drink away.

Try BEAR BRAND CHOCO guys!  And have fun, be silly and chill with the kids!  Altogether now, "Choco na gatas na choco na may ice, gatas na choco na gatas na may ice!"

P.S. Don't have a shaker? Any tightly sealed container that doesn't spill when shaken will do.

Disclosure:  Thanks to BEAR BRAND CHOCO for sponsoring this post and for giving my kids and I a yummy ice-cold chocolate drink experience we will carry on these hot, hot days!

Be Silly with the Kids!

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