Disciplining Kids: The White Shoes Dilemma

Image fr www.diffusionkids.com

Image fr www.diffusionkids.com

I have a minor dilemma.  My daughter has a 3 minute dance presentation in school. The whole class will dance in front of parents and they need to wear a Filipiñiana costume.  I already paid P800 for the costume and I learned they need white Mary Jane (aka ballet flats) shoes to go with it. In fairness to the school,  they required white shoes since the girls just used it last year for Holy Communion.  Unfortunately,  my daughter's feet grows faster than our bamboo tree!

I am so tempted to just have her wear her charcoal grey flats since I feel an expense on a shoe is wasteful and impractical.  I mean,  white shoes???  When will she wear those again?

The trivial decisions a budget conscious mother has to make ...

If I buy her the shoes, my daughter will not feel embarrassed and left out.  Another reason is a teachable moment.  She and I will learn to follow authority despite the inconvenience and cost.  The school required white shoes,  white shoes we must buy.   Off to SM, you've got it all, to find the cheapest white shoes ever!


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