First Week of School

1st day of schoolThis week was my little boy's first ever week in school. Finally, he won't be the only one left behind in the house while Ahiya and Achi are in out in school. He proudly wore his small backpack and trooped to school excited to play and make new adventures. Bringing him into his classroom, I felt a small tinge of sadness as I realized that the baby that I just cradled in my arms a few moments back is growing up.

I lingered on for a bit in the classroom to take his "First Ever Day in School" photo and take a few memorable hugs, that were just a bit tighter. It was both a proud and quite nostalgic moment for me.
The next few days, were hit and miss. Once, he cried looking for me but was pacified in the end. And once too, he refused to let go of my hand and asked me to stay behind. I, of course willingly obliged, and stayed till he was ready for me to leave, and all went well again.

In the end, my boy was ready and he was happy. It's going to be a great start for him and I'll always be just a step behind him long enough until he can make it on his own.

How about you guys? What was your First Day of School moment with your little one?

I Love My Kids to the Moon and Back!

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