Getting Comfortable with 8

My son brought home his quiz results quite satisfied with an 8/10.  I try to be happy about it but I’m not.  He sadly asked what’s wrong and I once again explained to a 9 year old the mechanics  to get an honor.

See, to get an honor your quarterly grade per subject should be  93 that means,  getting an 8/10 will give you only 80.  While consistently getting a 9/10 with not much 10/10 in  between will give you a 90 and not a 93.   The system requires the highest standard of excellence and diligence from its student.

At technically 3 years of tutoring my kids,  I still am sometimes caught in the confusion of “should I push some more,  or am I pushing too much?”

In a Singaporean seminar I attended last year,  the speaker boldly claimed that in our competitive world excellence should be the standard.  She went on with the story of the turtle and the hare – the turtle won’t win today anymore.  Chilling?

I didn’t sit through the seminar without airing my concerns and asked “Yeah excellence,  but how about letting kids be kids?”  and she said that’s where the problem lies,  I equate excellence of robbing my kids happiness when excellence is also happiness.  And I cringed some more and took bits and pieces of what she said with me.

It still does bother me.  I guess my son also gets confused with my erratic reaction to his grades.  Of course, quarterly honor cards always gives him big hugs and fat kisses.  But there are days his 8 could could give him a “that’s alright” and some days a “why????”  Poor child,  his mom can’t make up her mind.

I guess finding the right balance is the key to snagging the best for my kids be it in their happy play time or  academics.    After all,  I just want all the best for them.

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