Halloween Pinoy Style


I just got the 2010 Halloween catalog from Toy Kingdom.  My kids and I pored over every page excited to find the perfect, not too expensive costume.  The other pages are a bit too scary and gory I had to staple them so the kids won't get nightmares.

I thought of re-posting this blog I did last year.

Trick or treat! So American! But the Philippines has caught on to the trick or treat bug much to the delight of kids and parents as well. Another day to be whimsical and fun.

For the past 4 years, we have been lucky enough to get invited to our friends village which has a row of single detached houses which are not too far apart making walking from house to house a breeze.   Plus since it's a fairly new village, most of the villagers have young kids so most houses participate giving treats and adorning their houses in festive Halloween decor.

Of course, Pinoy flair is injected everywhere. Houses offered Pinoy cart treats to the kids - dirty ice cream, popcorn, ice candy, cotton candy, fish ball, sago gulaman even mini burgers! Everyone is full to the max just going around tasting the treats.

This year (2009) though, we celebrated our Halloween both at my friends and threw a small party in our house for the close friends of my kids. It was fun! My daughter and I had so much fun decorating the house with our handmade decors.   For the centerpiece I bought dry ice at the Nestle ice cream house. It was an instant hit!

Now though, the Nestle plant at Aurora Boulevard is already closed so you could get your dry ice from:

Philippine Industrial Gas Corp in Navotas


Philippine CO2 Corp in Novaliches


Our halloween games:

1. Zombie Centipede Walk - make 2 groups of kids. First kid of each group
will walk like a Zombie, walk to a chair and get his other group mate who
will hold him by the shoulder and they have to go to chair again and so

2. Longest wolf howl - the kids should howl like a wolf. The one with the
longest howl wins.

3. Find your monster group - Each kid will be assigned a sound - witch laugh,
wolf howl or monster growl. Cover their eyes. At the go signal, they are
supposed to imitate their assigned sound and find their other group mates.
First group to complete their team wins.

4. Mummy Wrap - form 2-3 groups of kids. Each group should have a kid assigned
to be wrapped ala mummy using toilet paper roll. 2 rolls per group should
be more than enough. Time it 5 minutes. The one with best mummy wins.

5. Pass the Head - design one of those cheap vinyl balls - put eyes, yarn for
hair etc. make it as ghoulish as the age of the kids can take. Let kids form
a circle and pass the head. Kid who ends up with the head when the music
stops gets booted out. Last 2 kids wins.

Note: You can't have a halloween party if you don't have Michael Jackson's
"Thriller" blasting at the background.  Toy Kingdom also has a CD collection of spooky music.

Prizes: plastic creepy crawly bugs, snakes, frogs, rats. P5 each but the kids loved it!

The kids capped off the night with lights out and the "Monster House" movie:)

It was monsterrific night!

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