Hit the Sack by 10

Image fr sleepworks.com

What is it with schedules that it is so very hard to keep them? Everyday I vow that I will sleep at 10pm so that I can wake up at 6am and so go to the gym early and can go about with the rest of the day. But no, no.

After putting my boy to sleep at 9pm, I have to turn to my girl and read her 3-5 bed time stories before lights out. And then another 10-15 mins of storytelling, this time her turn. She falls asleep, I fall asleep a bit, but I still have to transfer to the master's bedroom.

Now it's my husband's turn for talk time, luckily I don't have to read him bed time stories and before you know it Voila! it's already 12midnight!

Good thing I have gotten over the new years resolution bug. Before, New Year is big for me because it is the day I shed old nasty habits for friendlier ones. But uggh 365 is long man. So when I turned a year older I shortened it to a new month, then a new week now I'm down to a new day. And a new day always promises to be a good day to start anew. Hello to the day I sleep at 10pm!:)

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