I Officially have a Teenager

Today is the 13th birthday of my firstborn.  I officially have a teenager.  I'm not sure whether to be sad or happy.  As my friend Bingle puts it,  it's a kinda sad, happy feeling.

I'm sad because OMG he is not a baby anymore!  Kids grow up so fast it's as if time whirled by and now here he is almost as tall as me and so conscious of what shoes to wear!

I'm happy because he is entering a new phase in his life.  Teens are the happiest days I look back to.  Highschool, as in sayang walang kapantay.  Yung you just hang out with your friends until the wee hours of the morning talking about non-sensible things.  Yung naiiyak at naiihi ka na sa kakatawa.  Yung one glance at your barkadas can get you ballistic in laughter.  Of course,  nandyan na rin ang first crush and gasp, first love!  Nyikes!!!!!!

But syempre,  I have my fears too.  Fear of him falling in love too early, too much or with the wrong girl (note,  yung girl ang wrong hindi anak ko hehe).  Fear of him getting into the wrong barkada but so far so good,  I haven't met a friend of his I dislike. Fear of him distancing himself from us and creating his world apart from us.  As my friend Benjie said,  when they enter their teens you drop them off the door and welcome them when they are 21!  Horror!  Fear of him not believing in himself, you know how exacting teens can be of their peers.

Madaming issues ang teenager but as I see my son now,  I am at peace because I know him and I know he is just going to be fine.

How about you?  How are you coping with the new leaf in your kids' life as they turn into their teens?

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