Joy in a New Package

My husband and I have always wanted and planned for 3 kids.  I kept all the baby stuff of my 2 elder kids.   Our home is designed to have a 3rd kid.  But when the pregnancy tested positive, I got this weird thought that maybe 2 is just enough.  2 is in fact perfect!  I only have 2 hands anyway, one for each kid.  2 is very comfortable right now – resources and time are just enough for them with just enough spare for myself, husband and other passions.

And then there is the nagging issue of age to contend with.  At my mid 30’s, ok, ok, late 30’s my fervent prayer is that my child will come out healthy and normal, I pleaded for that (Thank you God for answering my prayers, mwah!).

Then I would spiral down to the world he will be born to.  It is not exactly ideal with all the calamities (how do I help him in a tsunami???), the Philippines still rot in corruption, down to good nannies are getting scant each day!

Lastly,  do I have more love to give?  More energy for feedings and play?  More patience to go through the terrible two’s.   Another round of tutoring?  More time to split between 3 kids?

The birth of my baby a month ago silenced (hopefully, permanently!) all the 101 issues I have.  He is all a baby would be and he is mine.  Round chubby cheeks.  Teeny tiny hands that is ¼ the size of my hand.  The heart melting smile that slowly creeps up his face.   The innocent whimper which will have his lips curled inward. His adorable baby coo’s.  And aaah the smell of his milky breath that I can’t get enough of.

He is joy in a new package!  A package worth growing another hand for!

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