Life Of Pi (Movie Review for Parents)

Life of Pi Poster

Breathtakingly beautiful.  Life of Pi, a story of faith, hope and adventure took me to places and images that are just too crisp, real and immaculate.  It is like being treated to those winning National Geographic shots from one frame to the next.  Every image, directed by Ang Lee, was simply celestial.

Based on the best-selling novel of Yann Martel,  it tells of the harrowing and  triumphant adventure of a young Indian boy named Pi, as a ship wreck survivor in the company of a Bengal tiger.  This is no magical story with talking tigers but rather a realistic pursuit to show how one's endurance, smarts and faith in God can take you to hope beyond imagination and see beauty amidst adversity.

What my kids have to say:

My kids, aged 11 and 9, were awed by the beauty of the visuals and were transfixed on their seats as they watched Pi's fate unfold. The message of hope, friendship and faith came through.

My little girl, aged 9, however got frightened at the raging storm that she had to close her eyes.  She was also a bit shaken in the scene where the zoo animals attacked each other.  Everything is just so brilliantly raw that all sensations are heightened.  As for my girl,  I just held her hands tight during the tense scenes.

Is it worth it to watch it in 3D?

The 3D aspect further enhances the visual experience.  Think Avatar,  the movie that defined 3D,  and its a close match.  Don't expect 3D at every turn but those occasional moments are magical!  It is worth the 3D price.

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