Light and Fun: Juicy for Kids and on The Go Mom’s

Ok, you might find this a bit weird, but as I age (ouch, nails screeching on blackboard),  I find myself searching through cologne aisles instead of perfume sections.  As an on the go mom, sorry didn't mean to sell myself, I want a fragrance that is light and fresh. Nothing overly fragrant, I want it subtle but fragrant enough to leave a sweet lingering scent.

I look for scents that I can spray, every so often to perk me up or refresh me just when I need it.  Scents positively affect my mood that is why I have scents in my home office, in my bag, in my bathroom and in my car.  Just a quick spray makes me feel refreshed, makes me feel light or wakes me up from my afternoon energy slump.

Juicy Cologne, from Cosmetique Asia, same makers as Silka soap, has just about any variant to match our different moods and different personalities.

Juicy Cologne Variants

A week back,  bloggers along with media people, were invited to a delightful afternoon at Stacy's, Capitol Hills to personally try the different variants of Juicy Cologne and meet Juicy's Brand Ambassador Kathryn Bernardo.

Kathryn Bernardo Juicy Cologne Ambassador

Kathryn, is a breath of fresh air as she entered Stacy's in her pink dress.  Questions were thrown at her and she answered it all with confidence and charm.

Dessert Bar Event Set up

Photo Caption: Stacy's was dressed up in royal cuteness.

My daughter was delighted when she saw the picture of the dessert spread.  We share the same love for desserts and light colognes:-)  Her personal fave from the Juicy Cologne line is Dreamside while my pick is the Orange Twist.  I actually had a hard time picking because I like all the scents, they are light and fruity - perfect combination!  Plus, they are very affordable and won't break the bank so my daughter and I can spray away!

Juicy Cologne has a total of 8 dermatologist-tested and hypo-allergenic scents:

Juicy Cologne Variants

Sprightly Sprinkle - for the light, vivacious and bubbly.

Sweet Delight - for the fun, fresh, lovable and luscious.

Orange Twist - for the creative, outgoing, funky and outrageous.

Angel's Bliss - for the heavenly, darling, dainty and mild.

Dreamsicle - for the wistful, tender, calm and romantic.

Icylicious - for the cool, refreshing, soothing and relaxing.

Two new variants are the perky and playful, Sugar Frosting and the cool and breezy, Up, Up and Away!

Have fun with your daughter and choose the perfect Juicy Cologne for each of you.  Try it and get jucified!

Kathryn Bernardo




P.S.  Head on over to Juicy's Official Facebook fan page, they have an OOTD giveaway:-)

P.P.S.  Thanks to Juicy Cologne for sponsoring this post and inviting me to spend a delightful afternoon with Kathryn and my fellow bloggers.


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