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Math Manipulatives

Yipee!  The winners for the MatheMagis giveaway has been randomly picked by Rafflecopter (Rafflecopter, you make life so easy!).  Winners have been notified thru email.  Please see widget below to see the winning names.  Last names withheld for privacy.  Congratulations!  Thanks everyone for joining the giveaway!  Till the next one!

Exam week na!  How are you guys?  Deep breathing much?:-)  I know how taxing and stressful exam week could be not only for the students but for the parents as well (actually baka mas stressed pa tayo;-)).

Last week, when I attended the PTC of my daughter, phone lines were busy as I hear parents calling either their daughters or tutors listing the problem areas of their kids, math being the primary concern, as expected.  Lagot!  Cramming time!  And syempre math is a concept that cannot be crammed.  It takes time and lots and lots of practice to obtain understanding and mastery of the concepts.

If your child is having difficulty with Math, you might want to consider enrolling them in an after school program focusing on math, like Mathemagis.  Mathemagis is a Singapore based,  after-school enrichment program for children 4 – 12 years old.  It is founded by Mathematician, educator and mother, Joanne Sison.  I made an extensive write up on Mathemagis a year back (read my blog here) and my son has since joined several of their programs.

What I like about Mathemagis is that it focuses on conceptual understanding.  Kids are slowly introduced to the concept and are made to comprehend the why's behind it.  I believe this way kids would end up understanding the concept better.  As such,  kahit bali-baliktarin pa ang nakakalitong word problem the kids would more or less still know how to answer it.  After the concepts are understood,  they proceed with procedural mastery and mental strategies.  Ganda ng methodology, hindi ba?:-)

Of course,  methodology is one thing, the teachers executing it is another thing and Mathemagis prides itself with Math/Physics Majors who underwent rigorous training on how to teach Singapore Math through the tutelage of Singapore trained Teacher Joanne.

If you guys want to make math a little bit easier, put a stop to cramming or maybe put a stop to math wars at home (nakakaubos ng dugo!!!), please do check out Mathemagis.

I know some, if not most, of you would love to try it out:-) Mathemagis is giving away five (5) P2,000 worth vouchers to TheGoMom readers.  One voucher for each of Mathemagis' 5 branches (Timog, Shaw, Katipunan, Fort Bonifacio and Pasay Road, Makati) will be given away.  The P2,000 voucher entitles the winner to 4 one hour sessions or 8 30-minute sessions (for pre-schoolers) at the Mathemagis Branch of their choice.  The vouchers can be claimed anytime between August - October and must be consumed within one month of the first session.

To join,  just scroll down to the branch of your choice and do the usual likes through Rafflecopter:-)  Lots of luck!
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  1. Rachel Benipayo says

    Thank you very much! So glad I won the raffle 🙂 This is very beneficial for my son since they do Singapore Math in their school as well. Thanks again & best regards to thegomom 🙂

    • You are much welcome Rachel! I love Singapore Math! I think it has and will continue to breed students who will understand and appreciate Math better. I’m glad a lot of schools have adopted it:-)

  2. Thank you so much! 🙂 This is going to be very useful for my son. 🙂

  3. Yipee!!! So happy to be one of the winners of Mathemagis promo. Thank you so much!

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