My Foiled 3-in-1

the promise of tummy tuck (picture from

My plan for a 3 in 1 operation when I give birth is foiled. Even before I conceived the 3.5 month old baby in my tummy I knew I would have a caesarian, should have a ligation and desperately wanted a tummy tuck. The husbandry even chided me that I was even more excited with the tummy tuck than the baby.

Ok here is the lo down of what I learned.


Tummy tuck can help fix CS scar, fix up stretch marks, remove the excess fat deposits and tighten up the damaged abdominal muscles. Ergo, tummy beautiful, uh, one day after giving birth! Magic!!!

I have a good friend, not a friend of a friend of a friend, who underwent a 3 in 1 five years ago at the Makati Med. She is quite happy with the results and told me the ligation hurt more than the tummy tuck. Her OB and not a plastic surgeon did it. One time operation.

One time recovery. Lesser cost – cost only for extended operating room, anesthesia etc. And I can’t imagine going back to the operating room again after 6 months for a tummy tuck.

And now for the cons:

• The blood loss. (from my OB)

CS is already bloody and you add tummy tuck to it. You can actually reserve blood for transfusion if necessary, but the body stress is just too much. And for me to take that pre-caution sounds a tad too dangerous.

• Studies show that the complications from surgery increase when combining these two procedures. And usually anesthesiologists don’t want you under anesthesia for longer than would be necessary. A tummy tuck alone takes 2-5 hours depending on procedure (mini or full).

• High risk of infection. (from

“The fact is that there's a lot of contamination at the same time as the C-section with the different fluids and different cavities exposed." Dr. Miller warns. "That would really increase the potential for risks combined with that little tummy tuck.”

• Optimal Results of tummy tuck can’t be obtained with CS.

The tissues around the tummy haven’t shrunk yet. It’s best to to wait until the body has “stabilized.” (from Center for Cosmetic

• Consider recovery from tummy tuck. (from

Due to high risk of infection, strong anti-biotic are given along with the pain meds. Breastfeeding might be hampered with all the meds. Plus, all the meds would cause one to be groggy and out of commission for 2 weeks. Nyikes, who would take care of the baby?

And lastly, you would have to drain the surgical drains inserted in your abdomen a few times a day. In between carrying and feeding my baby, I’m not sure if I can squeeze this in.

And so that is the long and short of my foiled 3 in 1. Maybe after a few years I’ll be brave enough to have this procedure done on its own. As for now, the best way, according to the net, not me, is to control weight gain (3.5 months and I gained 13 pounds uh, oh), do mild exercises (from my room to the dining table is my exercise) and get back in shape after the pregnancy. So long tummy beautiful and its you and me again against the world flab.

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