Our First Week of Back to School 2015

What is a home without children? Quiet

Hello!  Yipee!  It's finally back to school.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one but save for the morning battle I welcome the structure school day brings to our house.  We have dinner early, the kids sleep early, they wake up early and best of all they are out of the house the whole day;-)

As a work-at-home-mom, I find it very stressful to work and have the kids in the house at the same time.  My mind is always in a constant state of guilt.  If I'm busy working, I wince and my heart is pierced when I know that they are all wasting away with their gadgets.  If I'm busy taking care of them, I worry that my to-do is piling up by the second.  I haven't even written anything on the blog for practically the whole summer save for a few posts.

And now,  the glorious hours of quiet presents itself like a clear, green meadow before me.  I can actually hear the birds chirping!

Kidding aside,  I'm sure I will miss the kids when the days go by but for now I'm relishing the quiet.

I feel it's going to be a good year for the kids.

My 4 year old son transfers to a new school and shifts to Montessori style of learning.  I love the materials and environment of his school!   Lots of open space and greens and everything retrofit for the kids' size.  The materials are carefully selected to ensure maximized learning.  They operate on the premise that "Children teach themselves" and they have built on that with wonderful materials present for the kids to explore and discover.  Lastly, they have the magic touch to let 2-4 year olds, all 25 of them remain quiet and calm with their individual activities. It is amazing to see kids in those ages, so peaceful, I never thought it to be possible.

My 11 year old daughter is now on her first year as a junior high school student (grade 7).  Sporting a new uniform and a sprightly attitude thanks to her 5 day out of town NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Program) Summer Camp at WorldStage.  She has committed to try tackling her Mandarin subject on her own this year without the help of a tutor.  And has even expressed interest in joining a club that focuses in helping the less fortunate.

As for my 13 year old son who is in grade 9,  it is his first year to use an Ipad in school.  And my goodness,  he is on it his every waking moment,  it is scary.  But that would be another topic.  Save for the gadget attachment,  he is happy to share that he has very good teachers.  His school always does, that is why I love his school.  And since my boy loves to eat,  he excitedly narrates all the new food concessionaires in his school - specialty burgers to Pepper Lunch taste-a-like.  I think schools have to also make an extra effort, like my son's school does, in providing good food choices to kids.  Mundane as it may sound,  good food in the school canteen does add to the overall positive environment of the school.  Take it from Google, right?

As for me,  I was able to accomplish a month's task in a week on the kid's first week back-to-school.  I hope to be with you guys more, sharing thoughts and information we parents need and value.

Cheers to a Good School Year 2015-2016!

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