Psychpros Manila Review

I don’t want to write bad reviews but I feel this can help save and correct lives.

A friend of mine has a child battling an eating disorder. When she asked around, a friend of hers said she got pretty good results with Psychpros in Greenhills. Eager to address the eating disorder before it gets worst, she brought her child there.

Child and mom, was interviewed by Dra. Ho, and was then recommended for the child to undergo a series of written and interview tests to determine the psychological state of the child. Results of which will be provided in full upon completion of tests.

My friend paid P 15,000 February 9, 2017 and the tests were completed in less than 2 months time. My friend followed up test results after 2 months but none was given. They were finally given an audience with the main doctor.  My friend thought it is to discuss the results of the test.  Unfortunately,  without the results on hand my friend felt the doctor gave general statements of the child’s condition.  Based on those general statements,  doctor was recommending for the child to undergo hypnosis and another therapy to be conducted by Psychpros. My friend said she wants the diagnosis first before undergoing treatment recommended and they said they will get back on the result of the tests. Tired of the continuous follow-up of test results, my friend sought the assistance of another psychological practitioner and sought the help of a dietitian for her daughter. Thankfully her daughter is now on the road to recovery.

As for the Pscyhpros result, my friend followed up February 2018 and results are still not available. One year! Actually, the results will be useless already because a year has passed and her child is in a completely different state already. To be fair though, as I mentioned a friend of my friend's got good results with Psychpros so it's a hit or miss.  Personally, if it is my child's psychological wellness,  I can't gamble with a hit or miss.

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  1. Same experience. Haven’t got the result until now! 2yrs!

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