Review: Ignite the Fire Neuro Linguistic Programming Camp for Kids

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My daughter spent the entire week in camp a few months back in Tanay, Rizal and though it has been months after she is still gushing with stories of how those days were the most fun days of her entire 11 years on Earth.

Actually, I was apprehensive at first to let her join camp, with the primary reason of the seeming gargantuan goals set up for the camp. The camp is an empowerment coaching program using  Neuro-Linguistic techniques. It aims to fire up mindset, language and behavior of individuals immersed in it.  My husband argues that you can't change an individual in 5 days, and he is right.  But I was willing to give it a try because I want to help our daughter reach her maximum potential.  As I mentioned in my previous post, "Change from Within," I believe all our kids have that innate talent in them and all it takes is an initial spark to fan it.  So eyes closed,  I wrote a check for the 5-day camp.

Our initial goal for our daughter is something school related.  Well,  she didn't really achieve that but what she took out from the camp was so much more than that. 

She gained confidence.

Straight after camp, my daughter, who couldn't even ask for her own gravy offered to order the whole meal for us.  My daughter, who is sometimes sullen became more cheery.  My daughter, who would always carry the heavy bag of her "best friend," politely refused to do it anymore.  I can't even explain to my friends how awesome the change is without getting teary-eyed!

The camp enabled her to realize her worth as a person, not measured by judging friends in school or a tiger of a mother, that is me.

The camp I surmise from the blow-by-blow account of my daughter, works around activities ranging from simple group activities processing a given task, obstacle courses that were a notch above the physical to self realization activities that make the kids face their greatest fears and have the mind-set to overcome it.  My daughter said she felt awesome when she karate chopped a thick plywood with her self-limiting belief inscribed on it.  She mentioned awesome 10,000 times when she described their Hunger Games obstacle course.  And laughed in remembrance of the 101 jokes passed between the 26 girls and boys whose lives were touched that week.

In retrospect, I think the beauty of the camp is that it managed to bring together kids of different ages and background to come together and affirm each others worth individually and as a group.  The Neuro-Linguistic program of empowering beliefs is heavily inculcated.  And the coaches were all equipped, talented and fired up to bring out the awesome energy that is already in each kid.

3 months later, true to what Coach Head Cherry Pua-Africa mentioned in my interview with her (link here), a community is built.  The kids managed to see each other (and a couple of movies, too) for quite a number of times already.  Follow-up coaching is accomplished with a handful more in the coming months.  And a kinship of kids,  who believe in themselves, in others and in the beauty of life has just been lit.

To World Stage International and its coaches, awesome job!

Note:  World Stage is conducting another series of empowerment coaching for kids this July 31 through October.  Please click on WorldStage International Network for details.

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