Safeguard Moisture Shield: Keeping the Colds Away

Safeguard Body Wash Manila Launch

The Exploreum in Mall of Asia was in a flurry of activity a few weeks back as Safeguard launched the Safeguard Body Wash. Celebrities, from Aubrey Miles to social media icons like Christine Dychiao were there with their kiddos.

Unfortunately, my 5 year old couldn’t make it that day because he was nursing a cold. Maybe if we were more diligent in ensuring cleanliness he would have been able to join me.   Ever since my kid started pre-school and now that he is in big school, colds has been a constant visitor in our household. In school, they are exposed to other kids who may be nursing a cold. And we know kids, they touch everything! That is why personal hygiene, at this time when viruses are extra potent, is getting more and more important.

Safeguard, the brand we are sooo familiar with (“Ako ang iyong konsensya” Oh no! Did I just date myself?), introduces Safeguard Body Wash to protect our big kids. Safeguard Body Wash comes with the same 99.9% germ protection but is gentle enough for our kids’ young skin, as it has the same PH level as that of water.

Safeguard Body Wash also maintains our skin’s moisture to protect us from germs.

Trivia (I love Trivia!):

Did you know that your skin, and its natural moisture shield are your body’s barrier to the outside world? When a person’s skin is dry, it is a sign that this moisture shield has been damaged. Invisible to the naked eye, this dry and cracked skin makes it easier for harmful germs to attach to your skin more easily.

I didn’t know that! Now, that gives moisturizing a deeper meaning;-)  I tried the Safeguard Body Wash myself and it builds up a very nice lather paired with my loofah.  And plus since it is Safeguard,  I get that feeling na I'm Spartan clean after.

Safeguard bodywash

Try Safeguard Body Wash it provides extra germ protection with moisture shield especially during this “colds” season.

Disclosure: Thanks to Safeguard for inviting TheGoMom to Exploreum and for sponsoring this post.   The views and opinions expressed are solely from TheGoMom.


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