SM Grand Baby Fair 2014: Is it worth the trip?

SM Grand Baby Fair PosterI'm not going to buy anything.  My bill a whopping P3,900!!!  My reason,  the discounts are good plus I need those items anyway.  Hehe, there is a thin line between need and want, and it sometimes gets blurry when there is a sale:-)

Yesterday's preview sale of the Grand Baby Fair 2014 delivered to it's title, it is grand.  Over 200 exhibitors, ranging from familiar brands to upcoming novel ones, filled up the SM Megatrade Halls 1,2 and 3.  The fair that runs from January 30-February 2 in SM Megamall,  will give expectant moms and moms with young babies (you might call your 10 year old a baby so I had to qualify that:-)) access to discounted baby stuff at 10-70% off.

I went around and checked out what you guys can expect from the sale in terms of discounts. It would be a major disappointment to find 10% off items, and there are 10% off items,  but there are some really good ones at 50-70% ...

Grand Baby Fair Toys

When my 2 year old tried on the Lacosa Ride-on car before he wouldn't let it go.  At P2,500, I didn't buy it.  But I got it for him this time at P750.  He loved it!  The ride is very smooth and easy for those little legs and the material (Italian product made in China) it's made of is durable,high quality plastic.  The plush stacker on the upper left is previously at P800 now P200.

Grand Baby Fair Various

Strollers, walkers, play pens are on sale from brands like Graco, Chicco, Aprica, Maclaren and Safety First from 20-40% off. Comforter, 2 booster with 1 pillow set at P680 from P1,300 from Quilted Giraffe.

Grand Baby Fair Shoes

Havainas slippers are at 50% off from P995 now down to P462. Pitter-pat rubber sandals are now at P100-P150 from P350.  While the SM branded Baby Company baby shoes are at 50% at P125 from P250.Grand Baby Fair Huggies

Diapers like Huggies and Momy Poko are on sale.  Price discount at P15-P25 off per pack.Grand Baby Fair Electronic Toys

V-tech is mostly at 10%.  Of this stack of 50% only 2 phones are at 50% off plus this Paint and Learn Easel (P800 from P1600).  Most are at 20-30% off.

Grand Baby Fair Bottles

Avent bottles are between 30-50% off.  I bought an 11oz bottle for P450 instead of P650. The Thermos Foogoo brand is at 50% off from P1,429 not at P720.  It is guaranteed to keep the drink cold for up to 10 hours.  My kids are users of Thermos' Hydration Pack line,  I even bought one now at P 1,460 from P2,080.

Btw, if you are a Mom Card holder (SM Baby Company's loyalty card),  you get to take home a swag bag filled with freebies for a minimum purchase of P3,000.00.

Grand Baby Fair Freebie Bag

With regard to cash registers, they have 12 counters to process payments.  Plus they have ample walking aisles.  Of course when the crowd comes in,  the aisles will still be not enough and the counters will still be packed,  but then again what is a sale without a crowd???;-)

Here is a pic of my shopping purchase. Momy Poko P25 off. Thermos Hydration Pack from P2,080 now P1,460.  Lacosa Italtrike P 2500 now P750.  Cetaphil cleanser P325 buy one, take one.  Sanfluo Toothpaste from P90 now at P75. Avent 11 oz bottle from P 650 now at P450.

Grand Baby Fair My Purchase

Was it worth the trip?  For me it was.  If you are an expectant mom or a mom with babies,  I'm sure it will be for you too:-)

Happy shopping!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to SM Baby Company for inviting me to the preview sale and for sponsoring this post.  All the items I bought are my personal purchase.


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