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We parents need all the help we can get.  We are faced with this new responsibility that no one has prepared us for.  We are taught about math, science and history but not about how to decipher a baby's cy for help.   It is instinctual they say.  Tell that to a mom who hasn't had any sleep:-) Thankfully,  we are at a time when information (thanks to the world wide web) to keep us sane just got more accessible.

Green Cross' Mommy Pros shared me their recommended apps for new parents and I'm sharing 2 of my top picks from the list.

Baby Pack and Go

Baby pack and go

I love the app!!!  I'm an epic fail packer as I shared in my previous post and a list like the baby pack and go is simply perfect for me.  I don't have to write down stuff I need to bring every single time plus I don't lose the teeny weeny post-it because it's in my phone.  I love its fully customizable feature.  I have created a list for my baby at the mall, baby at the beach, baby out of the country, grade schooler swim party etc.  The app has a complete list of baby stuff you can think of to bring from wet wipes, Green Cross insect repellant lotion down to the often forgotten baby medical card.   It's a winner. Try it!

Baby Monitor

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Although we would love to be with our new babies 24/7 sometimes we have to leave to do some work or perhaps take that shower:-)  There are a number of baby monitor apps that allow us to monitor our baby even when we are away from home. Most are sound activated, placing a call/text/face time to us when a programmed noise level is reached.   The only draw back to this is you need to have 2 iphones or smart phones for it to work. But if you have a spare phone,  this should definitely have place in your smart phone.

Check out the full list at Green Cross' Mommy Pros in FB for their Recommended Baby Apps for New Parents and make life a little bit easier.

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