Top Picks for Cool Back to School Supplies from SM Stationery

One of the best things about back to school, aside from seeing your friends again, is shopping for new school supplies! My kids get all excited to get new school stuff from inspiring notebooks to the perfect pen that glides effortlessly on the crisp white paper.

SM Stationery covers all our kids’ school needs from the basics all the way to those cool stuff that will add spunk and sparkle to their school days.

Charming and Inspiring Notebooks

Kids see their notebooks everyday of their lives! So it’s essential they get something from it aside from the paper between the covers. Grab some positivity notebooks to inspire or choose from an array of ultra cute notebooks to perk up their day.

Quirky Pencil Cases

The kids would have a field day choosing from the many quirky designs of pencil cases. Choose one that would fit the pens/pencils that they would usually carry.


Our boys might not be too keen sporting quirky pencil cases and organizers so check out these simple and basic pouches. Looks like Muji!

Pens, pens and more pens

One of man’s simple joys - ballpoint pens, gel pens, pentel pens, highlighters, white board markers they come in different designs!

Pretty and Unique Knick-knacks

How fabulous can these flamingo pens be? SM Stationery actually has a whole line of flamingo inspired school stuff, from pens of course, notebooks, totes. Add some color to the kids’ school locker with these cute padlocks. And check-out the personalized name stampers, P249.75 only!

Silicone Pouches and Cute Key Chains

My daughter is still into these silicone pouches. They are cute and light. These cute key chains goes into their bags or id’s for added cuteness!

Totes and Organizers

It’s a jungle in there! We all know how crazy the bags of our kids can get! Storing items in organizers will keep the kalat at a min. The canvas bags are perfect for extra books so they don’t have to carry them all in their backpacks.

School Set

SM Stationery packed it all in this bag, classified according to grade level. Makes our life easierJ And the designs are nice – some are funky, some simple.


Stocking up on essentials like extra pad paper, bond paper even cartolinas and illustration boards can relieve you from the unnecessary rush to go to the bookstore at 9pm during school days.

PLUS! They have notebook bundles, too. More for less.

Home Desk Inspo

Dress up the kids’ home desk with these inspiring wall art, cute totes and pretty sketchbooks.

There are hundreds of other items to choose from but first some tips.

  1. Make a list of things to buy and a general budget for each kid.
  2. Bring the kids with you when you shop for supplies. This will drum up excitement for back to school and they can choose what they like.
  3. Allocate enough hours to go around. Kids love going through everything and getting the perfect supply. Imagine if you are in a rush while doing this! Stress Drilon! This qualifies as bonding time and one of those moments your kids will remember, make it fun!

This is a sponsored post but even if they didn’t sponsor this post I really buy all my back to school stuff in SM. Their designs are amazing and trendy plus they have everything in one roof!   School supplies, school shoes, bags, white undershirts etc. As their tagline says, “We’ve got it all for you!”

Visit SM Stationery inside The SM Store at any SM branch or check out new items and finds on their pages:




Happy Shopping!

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