Nurture Creativity with Wikki Stix

My daughter is right brained.  She likes to draw and her drawings and creations are fantastic!  And, I would like to think it's not just because I'm her mother, hehe:-)

So I surround her with materials that engages her creativity further.  I'm happy every time I discover a toy that nurtures it.  I once raved and still rave about Harumika because she can design marvelous outfits for the dolls.  I think every little girl should have a Harumika.  It's Barbie, but instead of just choosing the outfits for her, you create it!

I also just discovered Wikki Stix.  Thanks to Sheena Astilla of who sent me a sample:-)  Wikki Stix is like candle wax that can be bended, twisted, cut and shaped to whatever your mind brings you.  The only difference is it doesn't crumble, dry off and break.  Plus it's not sticky yet it sticks to any smooth surface.

To order your Wikki Stix just go to Therappy (I love the name play - Therapy and Happy, don't you?) and click away.  Therappy Store is an online store set-up by occupational therapists Sheena and Joseph.  They specialize in educational toys that are fun and they also have a few special needs toys.

Sharing with you 2 of my daughter's creations on a cloudy, windy day.


Bug on a Leaf:-)

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