Review of DeLonghi MultiFry: More than just an Air Fryer

I have been meaning to get an air fryer for the longest time but I want to make sure it serves its purpose of cutting down our oil use in the house. My husband argues that it’s just like a Turbo Broiler only in a better package.  True, one of the advantages of an air fryer is its cool, modern look but I’m more of a function person. I want to keep my kitchen stuff to a minimum therefore each piece of equipment and tool I buy must be used, and used often.

According to my research, my husband is quite right. Air fryers and Turbo Broilers don’t have much difference. Both use air as its primary heating element. However, air fryers are supposed to circulate hot air faster so it can cook, normally, deep fried food with less oil.

DeLonghi blew my mind away last Christmas 2016 when they gifted me with a MultiFry! Smile from ear to ear with a clap, sabay talon! Napakasaya!!!!! Here is my full review. Please note that though I was given a DeLonghi Multi-Fry, the review and opinion expressed here remains to be my own. [Read more...]