Enchanted Kingdom Revisited 2011

It's been a decade since I visited Enchanted Kingdom.  I thought I would give it a shot since there is an Ensogo group buy promo.  Also, my kids have not been there (well, my boy when he was a baby) and as they say support your own.

My husband was totally against it.  Anticipating hordes of people and a park that is run down.  Well,  we went on a holiday and there were hordes of people.  People from all walks of life which was what we expected.    But all I can say is kids are kids.  They enjoy a theme park any form it comes in.  Heck, they would probably even enjoy the Fiesta Carnival in Cubao if it still existed.  They were oblivious to what I in my grown-up caste style judgment view things.  The cliche "in the eyes of a child" rang true.

While my husband and I criticize the chipped off paint and the supposedly Yogi bear 4-D ride,  my daughter clapped in glee.  While we complain about the long line on the log ride, trash on the floor and stink of sweat,  my kids eagerly anticipated the log ride and talked about it a good while after.  Of course it is a far cry from Disneyland and Universal but it still did bring happiness to the people who matter.  My kids:-)