Facts that will Alter the Way you Brush Teeth

kid brushing teeth

I know, I know. Of course, you know how to brush your teeth. I thought I knew it too. I brush. I floss. And, I use mouthwash. Pretty normal, right? Colgate, the world's most trusted brand in toothpaste, gave us mommy bloggers a “Colgate Healthy Smiles for Healthy Lives” quiz-off and checked how well we know how to properly brush our teeth and our little one's teeth, OMG! I was shocked to find out that after years and years, I am doing it the wrong way!

First off, what is your sequence in brushing teeth? Mine is rinse, floss, rinse, brush, rinse, mouthwash.   Engk. Wrong.

Correct Sequence in Brushing Teeth: [Read more...]