My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

Sorry couldn't help but snicker at the title because a sexy me is like a wild vision! Eternally aspired for but so dang hard to get!

But as they say,  most resolutions fail because of lack of accountability.   We resolve to lose that last 10 pounds but we only say it to ourselves and it falls into oblivion as we are faced with the crispiest of Crispy Pata!  But if we make a bet with a friend,  announce it to the world,  which I am doing now, I am accountable to my friend or the world for this matter!  Most likely,  the shame factor, which is quite a strong motivator, will push me to the revolution I so desire.

My battle against the bulge is never-ending!  I exercise quite regularly, yet my weight fluctuates like the Stock Exchange.  Minus a few pounds and eventually correcting itself back to its starting position.  At the end of the day,  my weight remains a horrific [Read more...]