The Power of Glenda

glendaPHMy 2 elder kids and I woke up early July 16 to the howling winds of #Glenda.  The three of us watched the power of nature as it hurled strong winds, one after another.  We stood silent, humbled by the strength of the typhoon as it blew tree branches and whistled its power through.  There is something spiritual watching the storm. It is like a physical manifestation of God's supreme power.

In that dark, gloomy morning I learned about the trees that my kids hang out in at school.  They recounted the story of the Oak Tree and the Bamboo Tree.  And they voiced out their fears if this is as hard as it gets.  I hope it is.

Stay safe everyone!

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Post-note:  Kids will be kids.  After a whole day with no electricity, no electronics and no gadgets, my son declared, "I can't believe I'm saying this but for the first time in my life,  if there is still no electricity tomorrow I'll happily go to school."  The innocent thought of a boy who happily helped our helper sweep the fallen leaves around the house.