How to Have your Helper Prepare Diet Food for You

healthy foodYesterday was my first day to have diet food delivered to my house.  Yep,  I am a little bit desperate to jump start my weight loss after an almost gym-less summer, laden with lots and lots of food.

On day 2,  I would say the food is pretty good.  Lunch and dinner basically consists of a portioned viand that is not deep fried and a cupful serving of red rice.  Breakfast is a serving of wheat bread with ham (hopefully low fat).

Offhand,  I think the plan is great especially for people who don't have the time to plan their meals or prepare it.

I think with a little determination on my part to plan for each healthy meal and have our handy helper prepare the meal, I could actually do it sans the expense of diet food delivery.

Planning should detail the food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the snacks in between.  Hopefully,  with the portioned food always available and wonderfully prepared for us, we can minimize the sneak attacks on the tub of ice cream in the freezer.

Here are 5 ways our wonderful helpers can help usher us into our pre-pregnancy bodies!

1.   Explain the plan to them.  Tell them you are on a diet for the nth time and tell them you need their help in preparing the food.   Discuss the menu for the week or the next day.  I think the menu need not be gourmet level which is not really realistic.  I plan to just work around the meals my whole family loves and tweak it a bit at times.  Instead of fried chicken,  how about Chicken Turbo?  I would still eat the yummy adobo in its full "mantika" (oil) glory but in smaller portions.

2.   Have the helper buy all the items needed to execute the plan.  How can you make a wheat bread sandwich if all that is in the ref is the yummy, fluffy white bread.

3.   Have the helper cook the food.  Tell them to go easy on the salt and oil.

4.   Have helper plate the food.  I think plating enhances the taste of the food and actually leaves us more satisfied and full.  Think French - small servings in exquisite presentation.  Show them how much portion of brown/red rice you want on the plate and how many pieces of adobo you want on the plate.  No more second servings!  Call on all the divine powers to power you through this!:-)

5.   Have helper prepare even the snacks and lay it on the table.  I tell them to put the boiled egg on the dining table.  It is very dangerous for me to get to the kitchen in these vulnerable times when my tummy is growling and all I can think of is F-O-O-D!   The kitchen is just filled with goodies that doesn't agree with my diet.

In the end of course it is discipline and will that will make the diet a success.  But a little help from our supportive helpers can make the diet more bearable and doable.  Good luck!

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting!

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