Mommy Friendships

friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What? You too? I thought I was the only one!" by CS Lewis

I stumbled upon this quote and thought OMG this is what my mommy friendships are all about.  Sharing those, "what you too?" moments that makes us reach for the oxygen when our kids are not in their sunny best and those "awww" moments that makes up for it.

Over the years since I have become a mom, I have forged new friendships to include my circle of moms from my son's school and daughter's school.  I have also forged friendships with my fellow bloggers, mostly moms as well.

Having a cup of coffee or enjoying brunch that turns into merienda is like going to the doctor for therapy minus the chair and fees. I tell them the truth.  The truth that my kids are not perfect, I'm not perfect but we all try.  And like a pint of my favorite gelato it always makes me feel better.   It tells me that we all have our great moments as well as the shameful ones when we blow our lungs out or cry like the frustrated 3 year old we are taking care of.  And it isn't that awful because they excitedly scream, "OMG!  What? You too? I thought I was the only one."

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When parenting seems to be just so hard just remember, maybe 99% of the parent population is having it just as hard:-)

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Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug,

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Deluge in a Toy Store

Have you ever been deluged by a swarm of sales staff in a toy store? "Anong hanap mam? Para sa ilang taon? (What are you looking for? For how old?)" they go.   I was buying a bump and go toy car for my crawling 8 month old in Toys R Us and oh men!  the sales staff were all over me like I was the last drop of water in a desert!  I think there were about 7 of them,  all holding their products in my face (literally)! each explaining the function of their toy.  I was overwhelmed and yeah stressed!!!  I mean give me a break I want to take a leisurely pick for my baby but nah-ah they won't give me that.  They were all busy sales talking and some were busy removing their products from the boxes already to do the demo.  Hayayay!  I had to take a deep breath and jokingly told them "I can't breathe there's too many of you."     I then politely told them I want to go choose on my own and I will call on them if I need help.   They backed-off a bit but they were still hovering around me, carefully checking where my eye lands on and what I will eventually touch. Grrr!

Where is this coming from?  Toy Kingdom and SM does not do that anymore, thank you!  I just had to ask a timid saleslady why they have to hound clients.  First,  they are not direct hires of Toys R Us - they are hired by the company distributing the toy.  Translation,  their objective is not to help you find the right toy for your kid but to sell the toy their company distributes. Secondly,  she said the company hired them as a saleslady and so that is what they are programmed to do. Sell, sell and sell.  I understand their plight but as for me I shop more when left alone. So, please give me space.

Halloween Pinoy Style


I just got the 2010 Halloween catalog from Toy Kingdom.  My kids and I pored over every page excited to find the perfect, not too expensive costume.  The other pages are a bit too scary and gory I had to staple them so the kids won't get nightmares.

I thought of re-posting this blog I did last year.

Trick or treat! So American! But the Philippines has caught on to the trick or treat bug much to the delight of kids and parents as well. Another day to be whimsical and fun.

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Getting Comfortable with 8

My son brought home his quiz results quite satisfied with an 8/10.  I try to be happy about it but I’m not.  He sadly asked what’s wrong and I once again explained to a 9 year old the mechanics  to get an honor.

See, to get an honor your quarterly grade per subject should be  93 that means,  getting an 8/10 will give you only 80.  While consistently getting a 9/10 with not much 10/10 in  between will give you a 90 and not a 93.   The system requires the highest standard of excellence and diligence from its student.

At technically 3 years of tutoring my kids,  I still am sometimes caught in the confusion of “should I push some more,  or am I pushing too much?” [Read more...]

Coping with Pregnancy Blues: Hope in the Finite

I am 2.5 months pregnant at the tender young age of – I dare not reveal. Let’s just say not 40 but definitely over 30. And whew I’m having quite a difficult one. The gas, nauseas, vomiting and lethargy lasts through out the day. My back and butt are aching. And I don’t even sleep like a log at night. [Read more...]

all she needs is love

My daughter has been very difficult lately. And difficult is an understatement. She whines excessively and will not take no for an answer. Her wails can reach the depths of the earth and my patience. And she even blurted out the dreaded word -- I hate you mommy!

Now that's it! I won't take that kind of disrespect in my home. So I dragged her out of the gate and left her outside for a few minutes and she screamed even louder. She was out of control and I was out of control and it was a total mess.

This situation dragged on deeper and deeper for maybe 3 weeks with lots of hurtful words coming out from my mouth and hers. It was a stressful time for both of us. She resents me and I am beginning to become distant. I was even beginning to play favorites. And so I pulled out my magic diary and poured out all my thoughts and there lies a tiny ray of light.

It's back to school from a Christmas break and she is adjusting, I didn't consider that. I have been expecting her to act like her 8 year old brother but they are 2 1/2 years apart and their personalities are light years away. I realized I didn't give her enough attention, and she was getting it now, only negatively. I made a mistake and I need to pay her back, big time. It will take time. She is a very smart girl and she remembers and occasionally reminds me of the hurtful words I have said in the past. In my painful thought process I listed down who my daughter is. What she likes and dislikes - though I know most of it already - writing it down made me realize I'm not showing her the love and respect she needs. Imagine failing in something as basic as giving her my full attention when she speaks to me. She doesn't like a nod, "uh-huh" or "yeah" she wants to hear what I think - full phrases and sentences. Now that I come to think of it, all that she wants from me are the basics - attention, respect and lots of L-O-V-E!