Lifetime Problem vs Eternal Damnation


My dependable helper of 3 years came up to me crying.  She just found out that she is pregnant.  Well, it should be ok except that she already has 4 kids whom she can barely feed as a widow.  The life story of Philippine poverty.

She goes on to tell me that she has decided she won't keep it and is asking me for help.  Huuwhhaat???  I think she doesn't comprehend what she is asking from me?  She has taken various medicines already to abort the baby and fears that it will come out abnormal.  She justified her act by enumerating the reasons why she is not ready to have the baby.  Reasons she knows even before she had the slip.  I sure wish I really gave her the actual condom instead of just telling her to use one.

She is faced with a problem with no clear solution.  Like a damned if you do and damned if you don't type of "hebigats" problem.  She keeps the baby, it may come out abnormal plus she cannot give it a good life.  She aborts the baby and she may be in for eternal damnation.

I didn't want to meddle too much.  So I told her I won't resort to that since I am a Catholic and it already has life.  I will give her money and let her decide which way to go.  All done.  But something did not sit right with me.  I felt life Pontius Pilate knowing what is right and taking the easy way out by letting the people decide to crucify.  I felt like turning around to the crowd waving my hands declaring myself sinless like Pontius Pilate.  I wonder if Pontius Pilate wept bitterly after handing over Jesus?

So, I consult a priest to hear what I already know.  As a Christian it is my duty to uphold life.  I told her life is a gift from God.  It is His to give and His to take.  For all you know,  this child can be the next Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs is adopted), ok a little bit far fetched but that is what new beginnings promise.  A promise of hope,  that things may just get better.

My rah-rah speech didn't work though.  She got her entire salary and bought tens of medicines from Quiapo.  2 weeks after she bleeds a little but ultra sound shows the baby is doing very well.  Now God's voice is heard loud and clear.  She is keeping the baby and we are keeping her until her 6th month.  All is well for now,  when the child is born and she has to feed it already is another story.   And I hope it will be a good one.