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SSS for the Kasambahay

The Kasambahay Law makes SSS contributions mandatory for our household helpers.  True there are costs that come with it not to mention the hassle, but I am happy that our trusty helpers who makes life much easier for us,  will get the benefits any employee, white collar or blue collar, justly deserves.

Here is a summary of the procedures for registering for our helpers, filing and submitting contributions and a summary of the benefits our helpers can get from SSS.  I suggest you sit down with them to discuss their benefits.

SSS contributions are mandatory for household helpers under Batas Kasambahay.  Under SSS law,  drivers are also mandated to contribute to the SSS.

For helpers with salaries below P5,000,  employers will shoulder the whole cost of the contribution.  For helpers with salaries above P5,000,  employees and employers will have a share on the contribution based on the SSS Contribution Chart.

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1.   Employer Registration SSS Form R-1 (To register yourself as a household employer)

2.   Employee Registration SSS Form E-1 (personal record) (To register your helper as a member of SSS)

3.   Employment Report SSS Form R1-A (To report your household helper as your employee)

4.   Schedule of Contributions (This chart will show you how much you and your employee must contribute monthly.)

5.   Submission and Filing of Contributions

6.   SSS Payment Centers

7.   Filing of Quarterly Summary of Contributions

8.   Resignation of Helper

9.   Summary of SSS Benefits of SSS

Employer Registration SSS Form R-1

Employer must fill up an employer registration SSS Form R1.  This form will give employer an Employer SSS ID that is different from his/her current personal SSS number.  Click this to download form.  There are no additional requirements except the completed R-1 form.  Click here to download SSS Employer Registration Form R-1.

Employee Registration SSS Form E-1

Employee will apply for an SSS membership by filling up SSS Form E-1 (Personal Record).  Click here to download SSS Personal Record Form E-1.

Form must be submitted together with any of the original or certified true copy of the following primary documents:

1.   birth certificate

2.   baptismal certificate

3.   driver's license

4.   passport

In the absence of the primary documents,  employee can submit any 2 of the following, provided at least one ID has her most recent photo and indicates her date of birth:

1.   Birth / Baptismal Certificate of her/his kids

2.   ATM card (if available)

3.   ATM card and certification that the account number is owned by cardholder (in case ATM only bears a number)

4.   Bank Account Passbook

5.   ID from any Local Government Unit (ex. Baranggay, City)

6.   Marriage Contract

7.   NBI Clearance

8.   Police Clearance

9.   Postal ID Card

10.   School ID

11.  Senior Citizen Card

12.   Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card

13.   Voter's Identification Card / Affidavit

14.   Company ID

The original or certified true copies of the mentioned documents must be shown for SSS to validate correct name and birthdates.

If the required documents are not available at the time of registration, SSS number shall still be issued.  However, the SS Form E-1 shall be stamped to indicate the non-submission of Primary or Secondary Documents, which means that:

  • Membership status of helper is temporary.
  • The SS number can only be used for contribution payment and employee reporting (by employer).
  • Submission of Primary or Secondary documents is required for Conversion of Membership Status to Permanent.
  • Availment of SSS benefits and loans is only allowed for Permanent Membership status.

Employment Report SSS Form R-1A

To report your helper as your employee,  fill out SS Employment Report Form R1-A, together with the Specimen Signature Card SS Form L-501.   Click here to download form - SSS Employment Report Form R-1A and SSS Specimen Signature Card From L501.

Schedule of Contributions

SSS Schedule of Contributions Check range of compensation of your helper and go to column with Total Contribution Heading.  ER is the employer contribution and EE is the employee contribution.

For helpers with salaries below P5,000,  employers will shoulder the whole cost of the contribution.  For helpers with salaries above P5,000,  employees and employers will have a share on the contribution based on the SSS Contribution Chart.

Example:  If the salary of your helper is P4,000 your total monthly contribution for her is P426.  If the salary of your helper is P5,500 your contribution is P398.70 and her contribution is P183.30 totaling to P 582/month.

Submission and Filing of Contributions

Employers must remit monthly contributions to SSS or any accredited bank using SSS Employers Contribution Payment Return Form R-5 (Employers Contributions Payment Form).

Deadlines are as follows:

If the 10th Digit Household  Employer's SSS ends in Deadline in Submission (after the applicable month)
1 or 2 10th day of the month
3 or 4 15th day of the month
5 or 6 20th day of the month
7 or 8 25th day of the month
9 or 0 Last day of the month






Example, if the employers SSS number is 03-1234567-8, the deadline for the month of June is on or before July 25.  If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday,  deadline will be moved to the next business day.  Failure to pay on or before due date will incur penalty charges.

SSS Payment Centers:

1.  SSS Tellering Counters

2.  SSS Accredited Banks

3.   Post Office

4.   Bayad Centers

5.   SM Business Centers

Automatic Debit Arrangements with accredited banks can also be made.  Employers would just need to do a one-time enrollment in the accredited bank and all monthly contributions and loan repayments of the helpers will be automatically deducted from employers bank account.  Here is the list of banks:

1.   Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

2.   Banco de Oro (BDO)

3.   Metrobank

4.   Philippine National Bank (PNB)

5.   First Consolidated Bank

6.   Green Bank

7.   Philippine Savings Bank

8.   United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)

9.   Asia Trust Development Bank (ATDB)

10.   Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)

Filing of Quarterly Summary of Contributions

Employers must also submit a Quarterly Summary of her contributions by filling up SSS Contribution Collection List Form R-3 and attaching the validated copies of SS Form R-5 to the nearest SSS office.  Click this for SSS Contribution Collection List Form R-3

Household employers who are paying through the Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) System, do not need to submit a quarterly collection list.  The report will be automatically filed by the collecting bank.

Resignation of Helper

In the event that the helper resigns from her job,  employer must file resignation by indicating in SS Form R-3 that the helper has resigned.   Helper may continue paying her SSS contributions as a voluntary member or continue payment through her new employer using the same SS number.

SSS Benefits to the Helper

Click on this for a PDF file of the Summary of SSS benefits. I suggest you print this file and hold a short meeting to briefly discuss the benefits with your helpers.  It will be a waste if they don't understand and utilize their benefit.

Hope the above summary helps!:-)

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Disclaimer: This is a direct copy from the SSS leaflets issued by SSS personnel when they conducted a seminar and one-stop registration for our village last July 12, 2013. The only thing changed was the order of presentation. Words in italics are my personal notes.