Domicillo Design Hotel: Stylish, Romantic Getaway in Tagaytay

Domicillo TagaytayIt is our 15th wedding anniversary and I thought that since we only had the weekend I have to find the most romantic getaway that won't be too far away.   My frenetic search on the net led me to DOMICILLO, a design, boutique haven offering one of the best and widest view of Taal Lake.

Because of work, errands and the horrendous traffic (4.5 hours instead of 2 hours to Tagaytay) to get out of Manila, we arrived at Domicillo at 7:30pm. I was almost in tears. Hehe because we paid a premium plus our anniversary is too hurried. Uwaaah it's not a happy anniversary anymore.

But truly, when we stepped into Domicillo, the warmth and charm of the place reminded us what we were here for - a relaxing, intimate getaway to celebrate 15 years!

Domicillo TagaytayThe place was just as the pictures promised it to be. Understated elegance.

We got the best room in the 8-room boutique hotel, the [Read more...]