Make Rainy Days Perfect with this Rainy Day Activity

My kids and I love the rain.  We welcome the coolness it brings after the long hot days.  We love the sound it makes as it makes drum beats on our rooftop.  And we love the after smell of the rain on the crisp grass.  Somehow, rain brings warmth despite the physical coolness.

To introduce rain to my 3 year old, I let him hear one of my favorite "happy" songs, "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head."  He loved it!  He was able to sing through most parts of the song after a few playbacks.  The lyrics are light, melody beautiful and happy, plus it's a good way to introduce our kids to adult music.

And as a #ParentingNerd, I had to level up our experience a bit and go beyond the music.  We made rain clouds inspired by Activity Corner.  Wait, what?  #ParentingNerd?  You read it right, it’s a site dedicated to kid-obsessed, nerdy parents like us!  And yay! TheGoMom was chosen to be one of the contributors at CERELAC & GERBER's #ParentingNerd blog. Here, you can check out maximum cuteness level arts and crafts, awesome plate-ups, kiddie micro-fashion to rival the Beckham's and proven tasty, nutritious food tricks to make those picky eaters gobble up their meal.

This cute, yet very easy rain cloud would be my first contribution.

Rainy Day activity for toddlers

Read more about it here and please do check out  Cerelac and Gerber's Parenting Nerd blog for cool and easy Parenting Nerd tips:-)

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