Cong. Teddy Casino: Father and Public Servant

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IBA NAMAN!  Congressman Teddy Casino doesn't fit the realm of traditional politics.  And for that, he has my ears.  He is not an actor nor the son of a politician.  Instead, he earned his way to Congress by staying on the streets pushing for good governance, justice and equality.

He is a relentless fighter for the marginalized and is an advocate of many causes that I,  in the comfort of my home,  am not willing to lift a hand for.  As a UP alumna,  the phrase, "Kung hindi tayo, sino?"  is a phrase I have long abandoned because it is just too inconvenient.  And I thank people like Teddy who has dedicated their lives actively seeking and advocating for the universal good.  As a congressman, he has authored bills that protect the welfare of the poor and a seat in the senate would further the causes of this altruistic man.  And for this he has my vote.

He is my dear editor-in-chief when I served as a writer for UPLB Perspective, the collegiate newspaper of UP Los Banos.  He has been a very supportive mentor in my early years as a writer and he has a good heart.  You know the feeling when you meet someone and you remark to yourself, "he is a good man," that is what I get when I see Teddy, good and selfless.  And for this he has my active support.

This interview is meant to give all of us a peek of who Teddy is as a father, as he shares his fatherhood style, how he balances family life and government service and his dreams and aspirations for his kids.  Get to know him ... he is a parent just like us:-) [Read more...]