Fun Farm at Sta. Elena: Balik Bukid Experience

Fun Farm - Carabao Resting

Say "bukid" (farm) and images of a field with carabaos and a myriad of farm animals come to mind.  Say "bukid" again and smile for simple, carefree fun.

That is what my mind conjured of Fun Farm and that is exactly what my family and I got.

Developed by Hindy Tantoco of Holy Carabao for her kids,  Fun Farm at Sta. Elena is a sprawling provincial farm that is just a 10 minute drive away from South Superhighway's Cabuyao exit.

My family had a whole afternoon of good, easy, fun riding a carabao cart, feeding rabbits and guinea pigs, horseback riding, fishing, boating and simply basking in the quiet and peace of this charming farm.

Sharing with you some pics (and info) of our wonderful Fun Farm experience. [Read more...]