Petty Theft Proof your Home from the Household Help

Theft when it happens inside our very own homes can be very unnerving.  Your sanctuary is violated and trust with the "kasambahays" (helpers) we treat as family is broken.

The past 13 years has been petty theft free in our house.  My husband and I used to employ strong safeguards to avoid petty theft but we may have slipped and relaxed over the years (See my blog on Petty Robbery at our Home). Petty theft unless it is committed by a pro is sometimes our own doing.   As my mom constantly reminds me,  "It is your responsibility as employers to not tempt the helpers to do something evil.  It's like leaving a plate full of steaming hot, delicious adobo in front of someone who is hungry and telling them not to take a single bite out of it,  mean yon di ba?"

So here is a list of the things to do to avoid petty theft inside our own homes:

Don't let the helpers see you counting money. I have been negligent in this.  Sometimes,  I absent mindedly bring out  cash in my wallet and count it in front of them.

Don't talk about money in front of the helpers ex. savings, big purchases, business profits etc. [Read more...]